St. Martin's goose at Café Re:public

St. Martin's goose in the heart of Petrin ?? A new must-try on the roof of Prague :) Come and enjoy a traditional St. Martin delicacy with a view of the Petřín Lookout Tower and the surrounding park colored in bright autumn shades. Our goose smells of caraway seeds, the red cabbage is prepared with cranberries and apple vinegar, and all of that is brought to perfection with homemade bun dumplings. We look forward to seeing you at Café Re: public

Virtual tour through Café Re:public


Take a stroll through our café as if you were really there! Thanks to the new virtual tour you can see our premises from the entrance to the terrace, from floor to ceiling:) You can find the virtual tour in our gallery. We believe that you'll like what you see! And next time - see you in person ;)

New menu

Don't forget to check our our new menu which is full of autumn flavors! There are mushrooms or pumpkins, for warming up we can recommend the goulash soup with homemade beer roll. Come and try, we look forward to your visit!

Your autumn on the Petrin Hill

If you come to Petřín during your autumn walks, be sure to stop by at Café Re:public for something tasty. We have prepared a few meals that both warm you and fill you up. For example, stewed beef with homemade potato dumpling and baked parsnip, or a strong beef broth with liver-meat dumpling and homemade noodles that tastes like made by your mummy:)